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Big Ben Discredits Ian Rapoport’s Report Of Cracked Rips

I will come right out and say that I do not like..nor respect NFL Network insider, Ian Rapoport one bit. Basically because he has a history of false reports. The latest coming this… Continue reading

Jones Shows Improvement in 27-14 Win Over Saints

Am I going to take back what I have said about Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback, Landry Jones(3)? Not just yet. But I will admit that his outing in week 3 versus the New… Continue reading

Steelers go with Hartley as Replacement for Shuisham

Would I have loved to have him back? Of course. But since Jeff Reed decided to pull a drunken Sebastian Janakowski at the Hall of Fame game..(his second since 2009)..our kicker hails from… Continue reading

Steelers Fall to Saints 35-32 But Still in Playoff Hunt

How do you complete 32/58 passes, throw for 435 yards, with 2 touchdowns and still lose a game? Throw two pivotal interceptions to the team who’s quarterback threw for five(5) touchdowns..that’s how. On… Continue reading

SAINTS @ STEELERS: Week 13 Preview and Prediction

Considered as being the best 4-7 team in the National Football League, the New Orleans Saints will be traveling into Heinz Field to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers(7-4) this Sunday. As we know,… Continue reading

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