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Patriots Owner Kraft Arrested in Prostitution Sting! Hahaha!

Normally I can give a RATS ASS about any other team or their owners. But how funny is this? New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been arrested in Jupiter, Florida in connection… Continue reading

Emergency Wake Up at 3am? Sounds Like The Cheatriots Stike Again

You know what? I have tried to give the New England Patriots as much respect as due. But every time they become threatened with adversity, they always go back to their old “cheating”… Continue reading

Pittsburgh Steelers 2016-17 Opponents

After a 10-6 record and a Divisional Playoff loss to the Denver Broncos, the Pittsburgh Steelers look to bounce back next season with a healthy line up. Coming off of an injury plagued… Continue reading

Best FA Pick Up DeAngelo Williams Holds The Key To Steelers Success

Look at it like this, the Pittsburgh Steelers had an excellent chance of a Super Bowl appearance last season had it not been the untimely injury to premier running back, Le’Veon Bell. Who’s… Continue reading

Tom Brady Needs To “Man Up”!

Why is it that when anything dealing with the New England Patriots continuously gets strung along throughout the media for months on end? And why is it when any scandal involving one of… Continue reading

Steelers Fans Much Better Than Meaningless Ranking Shows

Either Jeremy Bergman of NFL.com is an idiot, or he like so many others can’t help but hate on the most decorated team in the National Football League. A study from Emory University… Continue reading

STEELERS FANS: “Cowboys Have Most Annoying Fanbase”

Yesterday I posted a poll question asking “IT’S A STEELERS WORLD” group members and blog followers ‘which NFL team has the most annoying fanbase’..and the fans have spoken. As if the above photo… Continue reading

Steelers Have Great Chance of Winning The AFC

Let’s face it, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most overlooked team in the NFL. Despite victories in eight of their last 10 regular season games last season on the way to winning the AFC North, the… Continue reading

Blount Expected to Rejoin Patriots

Sorry, Paula. But..”good riddance to bad rubbish”! Recently released Pittsburgh Steelers running back, LeGarrette Blount cleared waivers, meaning he’s likely going to get far less money than he was making in Pittsburgh. Blount… Continue reading

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