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I No Longer Believe A Word Bell Says..Peace Out

Have you ever had that one significant other that constantly tells you they will do one thing, but turns around and does the exact same opposite? That is exactly how myself and many… Continue reading

Bengals Fans Are A Disgrace To The NFL

It may have all started with the Oakland Raiders and the Black Hole. But “somewhat winning” so far this season, has got Cincinnati Bengals fans taking over that reign of NFL verbal terrorism.… Continue reading

BENGALS WEAK: No, I Spelled It Right

Here we go..AGAIN! The Cincinnati Bengals are 4-1 after five weeks in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 2-2-1. So what do Kitty Kat fans think will be the outcome for this Sunday’s… Continue reading

WEEK 7 HIGHLIGHTS: Bengals vs. Steelers 

Cincy And Their Fans Are Calling For #KneeGate

What? You have got to be kidding me. As if losing wasn’t bad enough, the Cincinnati Bengals and their joke of a fanbase are crying foul..”once again”..claiming that the fumble(caused by James Harrison)… Continue reading

WEEK 2 PAYBACK: Bengals at Steelers

I’m looking forward to Week 2..are you? #HereWeGo #Steelers #AB84 #Payback an itsasteelersworld.com creation

Watch “WILD CARD SATURDAY: Steelers vs. Bengals Highlights”

Brian Christopher Jenkins “IT’S A STEELERS WORLD”!

Classless Cincinnati Radio Station Issues Fake Roethlisberger Rape Warning

http://downloads.iheartradio.com/media/station_content/1209/2016/01/mp3/default/700wlw_big_ben_alert_0_1452185280.mp3 The city of Cincinnati just continues to solidify themselves as the “Classless Lowlife Trash” of the NFL that they truly are. TMZ Reports: Ben Roethlisberger is getting roasted for his history of sexual… Continue reading

Steelers @ Bengals Wild Card Weekend History, Preview and Prediction

Never been one to count on history when it comes to professional sports, specifically when it comes to the National Football League. But for some strange reason..history is going to be a huge… Continue reading

2016 NFL Playoff Schedule

#HereWeGo The Pittsburgh Steelers v. Cincinnati Bengals game will highlight this Wild Card Weekend matchup on Saturday January 9th on CBS. Here is the complete playoff schedule. Wild Card Weekend Saturday, Jan. 9… Continue reading

  • Steelers Regular Season Countdown

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