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Patriots Owner Kraft Arrested in Prostitution Sting! Hahaha!

Normally I can give a RATS ASS about any other team or their owners. But how funny is this? New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been arrested in Jupiter, Florida in connection… Continue reading

MY EFFF U LETTER: To James Harrison

Dear James Harrison,      Although you have done things no other linebacker in the history of the Steelers franchise has done. And you are the reigning “SACK MASTER” of the organization..there is… Continue reading

Tom Brady Needs To “Man Up”!

Why is it that when anything dealing with the New England Patriots continuously gets strung along throughout the media for months on end? And why is it when any scandal involving one of… Continue reading

Patriots Deflategate Football Up For Auction

I guess if you can’t shred the sell it. A more than likely deflated football from the New England Patriots v. Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship Game is hitting the auction block Thursday.… Continue reading

BELL OR BRADY: Who is More Likely to See Week 1 Action

First thing’s first..the NFL needs a new Commissioner. Seriously. What is going on with this entire Bell/Brady suspension situation? It’s almost like the NFL and commissioner, Roger Goodell is just playing games with… Continue reading

Patriots Super Bowl Rings Are In

Come on now. You didn’t really think that I was going to let them get away with it..did you? There was no way that I was going to allow the NFL on ESPN… Continue reading

Revis Lands Verbal Jet on Brady and Patriots

Apparently the normal Patriots ‘gag order’ only works on current New England players..not the former ones. Because former Patriots, now returning Jets cornerback, Darrelle Revis said he’s not losing any sleep over Tom… Continue reading

WAY TO GO BRADY FANS: Total of Four Show up in Protest

Tom Brady, Brady Fans, Arrested, It’s A Steelers World

POETIC JUSTICE: Sad Slide for Brady

Just as I suspected, New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games of 2015-2016 NFL season. What I did not expect, the Patriots were fined $1 million and forfeit 2016… Continue reading

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