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Ravens @ Steelers Week 4 Preview and Prediction

What better way is there to resume AFC North domination while giving a “full fledged” middle finger to all anti-Vick supporters? Send the Baltimore Ravens packing as the first team in the NFL… Continue reading


Leave it to a Baltimore Ravens player to complain about something that basically made him a household name. TMZ reports that Quinton Aaron, the actor who played NFL star Michael Oher in, ‘The… Continue reading

Ex-Ravens Cheerleader Pleads Guilty to Rape of 15 Year Old Boy

A football story involving the Pittsburgh Steelers? Not at all. But one  involving an ex-cheerleader of their most hated rivals, so a story definitely worth reporting. Former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader,  Molly Shattuck has… Continue reading

Gotta Love It: Another Raven Bites The Dust

Normally I have never been the type of person to take pride in another person’s misfortunes. But when it’s a player from one of the NFL teams that I despise the most I… Continue reading

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