Steelers LB Devin Bush Is Destined For Greatness

Very few rookies come into the league with not just the skill set, but the mentality to know what it takes to excel in the National Football League. Pittsburgh Steelers first-round draft pick linebacker Devin Bush definitely possesses both.

Coming out of my Alma Mater the University of Michigan Wolverines, Bush was raised with the NFL pedigree thanks to his father and mentor Devin M. Bush Sr. A Florida State product who spent 8 years in the league.

But let’s get to the point. Having such a football background from childhood to adult has made Devin Jr. an unusually confident product. Yet with enough knowledge to know that he still has a lot to learn.

“Confidence is very important,” said Bush. “If you lack confidence in this league you are going to talk yourself out of a lot of things. You aren’t going to be able to accomplish things. The confidence gives you the motivation to keep going through.”

Confidence. Motivation. Something former first-round draft pick, linebacker T.J. Watt also repossessed upon entering the NFL. Now let’s think about that for a minute..Watt, Vince Williams, Bud DuPree and Bush. Three first-round picks at the linebacker position and one 6th round pick who plays like a first rounder. WOW!

As I continue, Devin Bush knows that he still needs teaching. His confidence does not elude the fact that he is still a rookie, a rookie that understands that he is surrounded by talent to do the teaching. And playing for a team like the Steelers basically gives him that motivation to want to learn.

“Just the fact that you are playing for a big organization. You are around a lot of great talent, a lot of good people to learn from. You are just out here playing football.”

Yes. He is playing for a big organization. An organization that will take care of their players if they give them the goods. He is now playing for the Pittsburgh “Mother Effing” Steelers. Something that a few players who shall remain nameless could not do. So to Hell with them..on to the next episode.

“I want to show that I belong here. That I belong in the NFL and I am going to play here a long time.”

My input, Bush definitely does belong here in Da Burgh. And it’s his confidence, motivation and upbringing that proves that fact. Look forward to him being crowned defensive rookie of the year. Mark my words. #HereWeGo