The Steelers Should Not Consider Re-signing Martavis Bryant


The question has been posed across the internet and social media outlets asking if former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Martavis Bryant should rejoin the Black & Gold. My response to that is answered up above.

“Should we give him another chance”..they ask. “Hell No”..I replied(Dana Dane reference). Because Bryant has had enough chances as it is. And can really give a damn what any of those thinking we should sign him think.

Keep in mind, Martavis has been suspended numerous times for smoking the Hippie Lettuce. And as far as I’m concerned, someone that is more interested is smoking the green than running on it isn’t worth the time of day.

Not to mention the way he treated our now #1 WR, JuJu Smith-Schuster when he was drafted and basically took over his position at #2. Leaving Bryant as #3..less than shit! Yes..I said it because I can. Let alone I still think he’s the one that stole JuJu’s bike(who sence then got his license and a car).

To add to the “Do Not” pile, Martavis couldn’t last one freaking year with the Oakland Raider! Yes, the place known as “Shady Acres Retirement Home” where NFL players go to die. Now that he is seeking a reinstatement, idiot fans/media are wanting his return to the Burgh. So with that..I ask this:

“Why”..would you want someone that has caused as much problems as Antonio Brown(minus the weed) and Le’Veon Bell?

“Why”..would you want to go backwards against what the organization is trying to do..move forward?

“Why”..would you want to bring someone back into the fold to taint an already “CLEANSED” offense that has the potential to do great things without him?

Look, not saying that Martavis Bryant(THE ALIEN) not a talent and a freak of nature, but he has yet to learn his lesson. Has yet to realize the privilege it is to play in the NFL. Has yet/never known the true meaning behind being a Pittsburgh Steeler.

So with that..I say Niet. No need to bring a player back into the mix that will just become a locker room cancer and a media topic. Let’s just focus on the upcoming season “Drama-Free.” #HereWeGo