A Subtle..Yet Direct Response To Brown From JuJu

I know..I know. I said the last article about him that I was done speaking on Antonio ‘Clown’ Brown. But keep in minf that this is not about Clown, but about JuJu Smith-Schuster’s subtle approach to ripping that other dude a new one.

Now, let’s take focus on this brilliant tweet. You’re talking about two Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers in Hines Ward and Smith-Schuster, who have never had any on or off the field issues (other than JuJu having his bike stolen by Antonio..ALLEGEDY by me). I placed the same stigma on James Harrison and Greg Lloyd, who “didn’t get hired for my disposition”..Harrison claimed the same. Only to become a Diva like Mike Wallace and end up on the scrap heap.

Check out these response tweets to JuJu’s assault:

A few from plenty. But what Smith-Schuster is looking like out of this entire fiasco is the wiley veteran, while Brown looks like..well, the Clown. Makes me wish the Steelers played the Chokeland Raiders this season. But we’ll pick up on Le’Veon Bell and the New York Jets in Week 16. #HereWeGo