Some Steelers Fans Need To Go

It happens every single year. So-Called Pittsburgh Steelers fans start chomping at the bit wanting everyone and their mother fired from the organization.

Every time the Steelers lose you come out with these ridiculous cures to what’s ailing the team right now. “FIRE TOMLIN”..what, the coach that had to deal with the Le’Veon Bell situation, stuck James Conner in the mix like he has always been there? Not to mention called the AMAZING play that put us in field goal range only to have Boswell screw it up as usual?

“BENCH BIG BEN” mean the QB with 40 4th quarter comebacks and future Hall of Famer? The QB that had faith in Josh Dobbs enough to tell Tomlin to give him a chance? Only to have him come back in to score the game leading drive?

HOW ABOUT THIS: A great game played by a Professional Football Team! Because only MORONS take a team’s record into consideration. “AWW THE STEELERS LOSS TO THE 2-10 RAIDERS!” So the fuck what! The Patriots lost to the Dolphins. The Rams lost to the Bears. The Broncos lost to the 49ers..but I guarantee not one fan from those losing teams are asking for anyone’s head on a platter.

Case in point. Some of you Steelers fans are spoiled and weak! You’re so used to winning that you don’t remember what it was like to lose. I’ve been a Steelers fan since I was born into the family in 1969! You fake ass newbies sicken me! #HereWeGo #Steelers #StairwayToSeven