Tomlin For Coach of the Year Consideration

Ok, let’s face it. Any other head coach in the National Football League or any other professional sports league would have cracked and caved in. But there is one HC who has proven that he can overcome adversity time and time again. And that HC is constantly overlooked.

Pittsburgh Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin has been the epitome of such an HC..even more so this 2018/19 season for several, media grabbing reasons. So here are a few:

1) Tomlin had to take the injury to linebacker Ryan Shazier last season, and begin to formulate a “replacement” for him, not only before the playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars but for this season as well. He has done just that with MLB Jon Bostic, L.J. Fort and other relatively no name LBs.

2) Tomlin has had to deal with the many media fueled antics by All-Pro and future Hall of Fame wide receiver, Antonio Brown..who’s locker room video spread everywhere. Plus his 100+ mph jaunt down the infamous “McKnight Road”..only to rally the team to put up a 52-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

And last..but definitely not least:

3) Le’Veon Bell. The running back that “claimed” to want to retire as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but spent all off-season and 10 weeks of the regular season releasing his garbage rap albums and pulling the team’s chain. But what did Tomlin do? He began preparing 2nd year RB, James Conner. And he since then has played like a starter..better than 75-80% of the starters in the league.

On top of all that, coach Tomlin has turned a previous (1-2-1) Steelers into a now (7-2-1) team. Count that..”6 Wins In A Row”..most against competitive teams. So when HCOTY(Head Coach of the Year) is brought up..I believe coach Mike Tomlin should be in the discussion. #HereWeGo