Carolina Who?

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Wow..where do I start with this one?

The Carolina Panthers(6-3) headed into Heinz Field last night and literally got their asses handed to them by the Pittsburgh Steelers(6-2-1). A game where as usual some so-called “NFL Experts” were left with their right foot in their mouths, with a bit of humble pie.

Sure, it started off good for the Panthers and QB Cam Newton, who drove 75 yards in 9 plays, holding the ball for 4:31..capped off by running back, Christian McCaffery’s 20 yard touchdown reception.

That was quickly nullified by an 11 seconds, 75 yard shot from proverbial Hall of Famer QB Ben Roethlisberger to second year phenom, JuJu Smith-Schuster for a score tying touchdown out if the gate.

During the ensuing kickoff Carolina was hit with a penalty put the Panthers(say that 3x fast)..on their own 12 yard line. Only to have an untouched blitz by LB T.J. Watt lead to Newton making something happen for the home team, leading to a 17 yard pick 6 by fellow LB Vince Williams.

After that..straight nightmare for the Carolina team coming off of a big win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, they were crowning the Panthers the winners over a win against the Steelers had beaten down several weeks before. Imagine that?

Anyway, after a 3 play, one yard gain by Cameron & Crew, the Steelers marched down the field with a 8 play..61 yard that ended in a James Conner touchdown. Keep in mind that 5 first downs were accomplished in that drive.

Speaking of first downs, Pittsburgh came out with a total of 25 first downs to Carolina’s 18, the majority of which on medium 3rd downs and beyond. Except the the 3rd and 3 where Roethlisberger hit WR Antonio Brown for a 34 yard pick up.

SEGWAY: After a K Chris Boswell field goal to make it 24-14 and McCaffery scoring another reception TD, Big Ben hit Brown for a 53 yard strike against a rookie. Who of course claimed AB pushed off and all those things like that. Throwing a temper tantrum on the sidelines like most covering Brown do.

To make a long story short..I could go on forever like fools with no life. But Roethlisberger his 5 different receivers for touchdowns, finished going 22 of 25..328 yards and 5 touchdowns. Not to mention thee first perfect QB rating of 158.3 since 2007.

So my thought is this. Wear the Color Rush every single week if possible, and play every game in primetime. Guarantee the Steelers will get number7. But since that will never happen, we will do it the traditional way. #HereWeGo