Wish upon a star, and your wish just may come true.

When Joey Murray, from Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, was the guest of the team through the “Make-A-Wish” Foundation at practice. Murray has successfully battled leukemia, and his wish was to come to a game and meet some Steelers players.

After a tour of the facility, Joey’s wish came true. He met players like Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown and running back, Janes Conner..who beat cancer himself.

“It’s awesome,” Murray said basically in awe of the entire ordeal.

“We’re a huge football family. It’s a big thing in our house,” said father of Joey, Scott Murray. “We have our faith and our football. When he had the opportunity to have a wish he wanted to see his favorite team. When it was granted he was out of his mind. He found out a month ago and hasn’t stopped talking about it since.”


Murray has successful beat the disease, so the visit this week is one filled with a lot of joy.

“For our family it’s a reset moment,” said Scott Murray. “We are five years past his diagnosis. We are celebrating that he came through it. We are so fortunate to be on a Make-A-Wish trip as a celebration.” #HereWeGo