IASW: My Take On Le’Veon Bell

Ok, check this out. Because I am about to drop more knowledge on you than any NFL analyst can..and then some. Why..or how you may ask? Because I am one who is on the outside looking in for the right reasons.

For starters, I have always been a fan of Le’Veon Bell ever since his Michigan State days..opposite of my Michigan Wolverines. I have been a fan of his since entering the National Football League, and basically dominating on the field for a few years since then.

I have also been a fan of his since being suspended the first time for indulging in the “HIPPIE LETTUCE” with New England Plant running back, LeGarrette Blount..who I still believe was released by the Patriots to infiltrate the Steelers organization. As well through his second suspension with recently disgraced wide receiver, Martavis Bryant..who I have went to bat for as well.

Now when I say..”go to bat for”..I don’t think a lot of you people understand the meaning behind this. What I mean is “putting your life on the line for”..something that I may not have done literally for them..but have for our country and all who reside.

Now take this for instance. You are on a team and your teammates need you to be there, but you feel like you are deserving more than the ones that protect you..yet they don’t ask for much. Only to have a “team” player step in and respect those that protect him..rather than soak in all the attention and glory.

Case in point. Le’Veon Bell wouldn’t be SHIT without those who surround him. So asking for more money that the organization is willing to offer and holding out makes Bell “less” than a team player.

Because where do you think that money is going to go if the Steelers bowed down to Bell’s demands? In the crapper! With no front to protect our quarterback..(Ben or whomever)..or to pay our defense that we desperately still need.

So before you guys try to lobby for a person who has shown you nothing but greed..think about the ones that make him a star with minimal pay. #HereWeGo