Steelers Looking To Make Flacco Eat His Words

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Did Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco spew out the statements below?
“I really just felt we could have 28, 30, 35 points up out there at halftime,” Flacco told reporters after the Ravens’ 26-14 win in week 4 against the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. “It’s not like today was the toughest Pittsburgh Steeler games I’ve ever played.”

Geesh..I guess he did. But have you ever came across that one peacock? You know..the one that struts around like his expletive don’t stink? The one that comes across a sleeping giant then winds up with his D*** in the dirt? Look for that this Sunday.

“I don’t like that comment,” safety Sean Davis said, per Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “because I feel like [with] Baltimore [this] week, I’m already preparing my body as if there’s going to be a bruising. We’ll see if he has the same response after this game.”

That statement was of course from a defensive standpoint. A defense that has improved dramatically since their first meeting on September 30th. But since that game, however, the Ravens and Steelers have been going in different directions. Baltimore has lost three of its last four and Flacco has struggled to duplicate the numbers he was posting in September.

The Steelers are unbeaten since their prime-time loss to the Ravens, tallying up wins over the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns.

“It was kind of shocking,” Steelers guard Ramon Foster said of Flacco’s comment. “He didn’t feel like he was hit hard enough. We’ll see how it goes. You don’t really see a quarterback saying anything like that.”
Which brings me to the offensive side of the ball. In week 4 running back James Conner carried the ball only 9 times for a total of 19 yards. Showing that the Steelers were not deeply sold on the sophomore at the time. Since then..64 carries for 367 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Long story short. Look for a heavy dose of Conner this match-up as the Steelers demolish the Ravens 38-14. #HereWeGo