I No Longer Believe A Word Bell Says..Peace Out

Have you ever had that one significant other that constantly tells you they will do one thing, but turns around and does the exact same opposite? That is exactly how myself and many other fans, including the Pittsburgh Steelers organization is feeling about Le’Veon Bell at this time. And what do you do with lying, untrustworthy significant others? You kick them to the curb.

Look, we all know and understand the Bell (when not suspended and on the field) is by far the best running back in the National Football League. But what he is doing right, now not only to himself, but to the team he has repeatedly called “his family,” is something that is beyond unforgivable by any standards.

Seriously? This is what he tweets six games into the NFL Season? Nothing about not showing up on Monday, October 15 like he has promised several times before, but about releasing yet another garbage ass single. Six games mind you, that second year RB, James Conner has crushed Bell’s stats from front to back. But still we have certain Steelers Fans claiming we can’t win anything without Le’Veon in the backfield.

Think about that nonsense, because ever since Pittsburgh decided to start feeding Conner the ball more often than less he has rushed for 100+ yards in each game. While Bell is most likely puffing on his stash of Hippie Lettue (allegedly) which is probably why he hasn’t shown up. Because he won’t pass the drug test..and he knows it.

“Damn James” indeed. A tweet Bell sent out this past Sunday, when the Steelers came out on top of the Cincinnati Bengals with a 28-21 win. A game that the Cancer survivor, Conner had 189 yards from scrimmage. A game where Le’Veon should have been thinking ‘damn I might lose my job’ because it definitely will happen.

The one thing the Pittsburgh Steelers organization is not about is “arrogance” within their players. Yes, Antonio Brown is arrogant, Juju Smith-Schuster is arrogant, even T.J. Watt is in fact arrogant. But you know what they do differently from Le’Veon Bell? “THEY SHOW UP TO PRACTICE AND PLAY AS A TEAM!”

Something the Bell has a problem with, because you don’t constantly tell reporters that you want to be a member of the Steelers, then choose (in your own mind) to not show up when you promise to. That’s a player that doesn’t deserve any respect from myself, other fans who agree and the organization that has grown tired of his selfish antics. #HereWeGo