Bengals Fans Are A Disgrace To The NFL

It may have all started with the Oakland Raiders and the Black Hole. But “somewhat winning” so far this season, has got Cincinnati Bengals fans taking over that reign of NFL verbal terrorism.

You all remember, Pittsburgh Steelers middle linebacker Ryan Shazier suffered a spinal injury in December 2017, and has been making progress in a quest that stretches way beyond the gridiron. But instead of sportsmanship and camaraderie from Bengals fans..this is what you get:

Ryan Luther. Who resembles a sub-human being that would get kicked out of a trailer park for being “too racist” thought it would be funny to mock Shazier’s injury..and the Special Olympics mind you. Something that this MORON couldn’t compete in even if he had “Supa Humin Powrs.” That’s how they talk, right?

Do I rip on their team and fans? Yes. But I keep it to a “SHIT talking” level that all fans do, never do I celebrate another players potential career ending injury. Even if it was Tom Brady, and that says a lot.

But on a more serious note, what person would find this funny? What human being in their right mind would consider this even the slightest bit amusing? I’ll tell you who..”Bengals Fans.” Basically because they have been losing for so long that they know nothing else..and that’s pathetic.

Antonio Brown got beheaded by the dirtiest player in the NFL, Vintage Burfict..who in turn got laid out by a wide receiver that weighs 40 lbs less than him. That WR namely is Juju Smith-Schuster.

Another wide receiver, Hines Ward laid out Keith Rivers, again..shorter and lighter than him. But did any Steelers fan celebrate the injuries? No. We may have laughed about it at first, but it all comes down to sportsmanship. Something the Cincinnati does not have.

What you have is a head coach in Marvin Lewis, that cannot control his team. Hence the winless playoff record, and idiotic fans that praise dirty play. Mix those two together and you have utter chaos. Which is why the Pittsburgh Steelers will prevail for the 7th time in a row. #StairwayToSeven