Bell Over Conner? Nope..I Don’t Think So

Ok. So, I received a number of emails today suggesting that if the Pittsburgh Steelers had signed and started Le’Veon Bell we would have won yesterday versus the Cleveland Browns season opener. Rather than the 21-21 tie. “WRONG”! And here’s why..

Since entering the league back in 2013, Bell has had only two season opening 100+ yard game against the Kansas City Chiefs when he rushed for 144 yards on 18 carries. And by “season opening” I mean week 4 back in 2016 after serving his suspension for substance abuse. The other against the Cleveland Browns in 2014 when he rushed for 109.

Before that 2013: 16 carries for 57 yards(week 4). 2015: 19 carries for 52 yards(week 3 due to suspension 1). 2017: 10 carries for 32 yards against? You guessed it, the Cleveland Browns.

James Conner, on the other hand, against the Browns on Sunday went for 135 yards on 31 carries with 2 touchdowns. This from a man who beat cancer, and you think Bell would have changed the outcome? Ridiculous. Because Conner is a hard working, team oriented gamer..with a work ethic like no other. Not to mention..’no substance abuse issues’.

As for Le’Veon? A tremendous talent(when he’s healthy and not smoking the hippie lettuce)..but HAS become a liability all-around. Instead of working out with the team, he’s making his rap albums(which are all garbage by the way). Instead of working with the team, he is “He’ll Bent” on working against them. Instead of realizing what he’s got, he will soon realize when it’s gone..just like Steelers before him(Mike Wallace, James Harrison etc.).

So my thought is this. When and “IF” Le’Veon Bell decides to return..”BENCH HIM”! Bench him until his ass understands that having your Agent doing the talking about touches get you none. Because as far as I’m concerned, James Conner EARNED the right to be the starting running back for the 6X Super Bowl Champions. #HereWeGo