FANS REACTIONS: Steelers Cut QB Landry Jones

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It seems the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to give me my birthday present a day early by finally cutting backup quarterback Landry Jones, leaving Josh Dobbs and rookie Mason Rudolph attached to the 53 man roster. And never in my entire life as a Steelers fan have seen Steelers Nation as happy to see one of their players released. Here are some of their reactions.

I started with this one because I really want to know two things: Who did this man think they were going to cut? And WHO THE “BLEEP” IS LANDRY MATT?

Something that I am extremely happy about is Dobbs staying on the roster. Rudolph was definitely going to make the cut.

Simple and to the point. Love it.

Guess Jones will now be known as a “STIFF BOZO”?


Trust me..I have a ton to extinguish myself.

Once again..all praise to the Mighty God.

Oops that one was mine. How did that get in there. Lol

A great question. My answer? I feel absolutely “GREAT” about it, mainly because Landry Jones is not on it. #Duh

This reaction was very well put. It was definitely long overdue because Jones really wasn’t backup material. Too indecisive and fluctuating in his game play. And I do wish him well..wish him out of Pittsburgh all together. I’m an Asshole..I know.


Once again something I am definitely thrilled about. Well deserved.

Well, that was just a few of the hundreds of fan post reactions on Facebook. To add them all would take a lifetime. So with that I say “ADIOS AMIGO JONES” will most likely NOT be missed. #HereWeGo