Le’Veon Bell Can Go To Hell


I will be the first to say that I have been a backer of Steelers running back, Le’Veon Bell since day one. A definite proverbial Hall of Famer in his own right. But is Bell and his off the field distractions becoming a liability for the team?

My thoughts? He’s becoming more of a liability than anything. Here you have a world class talent who no doubt deserves to be paid, but reportedly turned down a $70 million contract from Pittsburgh. And will now play under a one year deal worth $14.55 million, but was reportedly looking for a deal worth at least $14.5 million per year.

Umm..duh, WTF Bell? Are you smart or are you and your agent at a Donald Trump level of intelligence? You were offered what you asked for and more, yet you declined the offer. Why is that? Because Le’Veon wants to be ‘The Man’.

Instead of a team player, Bell wants to blame his actions on the fans with tweets like this:

No Le’Veon, we do not forget. We did not forget about you being suspended for smoking the ‘Hippie Lettuce” in 2015. We also did not forget the second time you were suspended for the same violation, substance abuse in 2016. So what exactly did we forget?

Like I said, an incredible talent. But what was on his mind after wide receivers Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster showed the lengths they would go to for Bell to return to the team? It has finally gotten to the point where Steelers Nation itself is displaying its frustration with Bell.

USA Today’s Steelers Wire recently conducted a poll asking its readers: “Should the Steelers trade Bell for Khalil Mack“? Click on the link to see the article/results. But as of now, the tally is 1,121 Steelers Nation members voting “NO”..2,606 voting “YES”. Make that 2,607, because I just voted. And below is why.

This is what Le’Veon decided to tweet during the Steelers 31-14 preseason week 1 win over the defending World Champions the Philadelphia Eagles. Nothing about the game, nothing about wanting to get back to camp, just about some stupid live video that I’m pretty sure no one asked for. Just Bell being a spoiled brat trolling the social media airways.

NEXT MAN UP: Steelers second year running back, James Conner has been lighting up training camp in Bell’s absence. And he definitely impressed last night although 25 yards doesn’t sound impressive, he accomplished this on 4 carries averaging 6.3 yards per carry.

“I like his demeanor,” head coach Mike Tomlin said of Conner. “Demeanor is a lot in a drill like that where it’s slanted towards the defense. I want to see him rise up against the adversity, and I thought he did that. And I thought because he went first and displayed that attitude I thought largely his group followed.?

Translation? James is stepping it up in the eyes of Tomlin and the rest of the team, and coming into camp leaner and quicker than last season is definitely a plus.

Long story short. Do think that Le’Veon Bell will be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers next season? No. And if he doesn’t get his act together and his attitude out of the clouds, he may not be welcomed..”Period”. To that I say good riddance. #HereWeGo