MY EFFF U LETTER: To James Harrison

Dear James Harrison,
     Although you have done things no other linebacker in the history of the Steelers franchise has done. And you are the reigning “SACK MASTER” of the organization..there is a reason why have not been playing this season. “T.J. WATT IS BETTER THAN YOU”!
Sure, you’re in AMAZING your Instagram videos will show, but you have done JACK SHIT in the 40 snaps you’ve played this season for the team that signed you when no other team would. You left for more money last time and signed with the Bengals..who played you less than you played this year. Now you’ve decided to sign with..”THE ULTIMATE ENEMY”..of the entire NFL.
So with this I say..”FUCK YOU JAMES HARRISON”..and any horse you decided to ride in on. Because you will for now..and forever be known as a Cheatriot! Who every time gets butthurt runs to the opposing team. 
P.S. Troy and Hines were offered to play for that same team..but they decided to retire. Suck on that prick! Next article is about you! #HereWeGo