MIND CHANGED: Trade Bryant..”NOW”!


I have always been a Martavis Bryant supporter since day one. From him signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. To him being suspended the first time for smoking the Hippie Lettuce. All the way to him being suspended a year for smoking the 4/20 a second time. Well, his time is up. Time for him to kick rocks.

Look, the Steelers have shown Bryant nothing but loyalty. They could have gotten rid of his ass last season. But did they? No. Because unlike most organizations in the National Football League, Pittsburgh has always been about keeping their own..remaining a family. Whether it be coaches, players or fans. But now we have #10 pushing the envelope.

Bryant, who obviously blew smoke up all of our asses last week when he tweeted..


..the picture was not included. That was created by myself, and I rode with him on that. As usual. But now I am starting to question my loyalty to him..like he is to the team.

What makes the matter even worse is that Bryant decided to take to social media to say..


..as if that’s going to help his case. JuJu Smith-Schuster is a 20 year old, up and coming wide receiver in the National Football League with no off the field issues. “You Mad Bro”?

Come on Martavis. I thought you were better than this. But if you want out..Go! We do not need the drama at this point and time in the season. Just keep in mind, Mike Wallace felt the same way when Antonio Brown became the man. And look where that got him.