Steelers Still Interested in Keeping Harrison


NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that mutual interest in linebacker, James Harrison exists between the team and the 38-year-old free agent, according to Harrison’s agent, Bill Parise.

“The sides have not begun negotiating in earnest, but it sounds like a matter of time before it happens,” Rapoport reported.

Numerous teams have showed interest in Harrison. The Dolphins for starters, have no doubts about  James Harrison’s ability to wreck a game plan, as he did to Miami in a lopsided playoff encounter. And why should they? Why should the Steelers for that matter?

Pittsburgh is well aware of what Harrison is capable of, and while other quarterback-chasers are typically retired or rendered subpar by his age, Harrison was a terror who overwhelmed blockers and forced teams to pay extra attention to him on passing downs. Finishing as the 11th-rated edge rusher by Pro Football Focus, Harrison also played well against the run and wound up with the metric site’s third-highest grade in pass coverage.

My input? All for keeping James Harrison on for another year. Because having him and Ben Roethlisberger to complete what they started, adding another Super Bowl Title to their resume would be much more than just fitting. #HereWeGo