Bradshaw Recants Cheerleader Comment About Tomlin


Former Pittsburgh Steelers great,Hall of Famer and FOX NFL analyst, Terry Bradshaw is somewhat taking back what he said about head coach, Mike Tomlin.

“I probably shoudn’t  have said cheerleader,” Bradshaw told FS1..according to Sporting News.Taking a step back fro his previous comment of saying just that. Something that I agree with, yet disagree with at the same time.

What I agree with is that Bradshaw is an analyst who wants to separate his ‘favortism’ for his longtime former team. A team that believed in him, and gave him the opportunity to become a four-time Super Bowl Champion. Even if he could not spell “CAT” if you spotted him the ‘C’ and the ‘T’. Not my words.

Bradshaw told Jason Whitlock that Tomlin “never even pops in my mind when we think about great coaches.” But I guess his opinion has changed after Tomlin has taken the Steelers on an eight game winning streak.

Calling Mike Tomlin a “glorified cheerleader” went way over the line. Something that I would expect Tomlin haters to say, not a former QB of the team and a Hall of Famer. What that shows me that Bradshaw is still bitter..bitter about how Steelers fans have treated him over the years. But what he didn’t seem to understand is that Steelers Nation/World will have the Rooney family and the organizations back more than we will have his.

Long story short..Terry B. should not have called a coach that has lead the Steelers to 2 Super Bowls(one won) in his ten year tenure a cheerleader. Although I am all for opinions..that one just happened to be way over the line. As well as unwarranted. But  apology accepted..I guess. #HereWeGo