Suh Kick Heard Around The STEELERS World..No Fine..No Suspension?

Photo courtesy of CBS Sports

Tell me what is wrong with this picture? Tell me why once again the National Football League and its Commissioner, Roger Goodell continue to let this “obviously intentional” extended leg kick by Miami Dolphins defensive standout, Ndamuking Suh to the outstretched knee of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger?

Why is it that the commish will quickly hand out fines and suspensions like free water when a player like Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown ‘Drops it like it’s Hot’ in the end zone? Or threaten him with game ejections for wearing special cleats? But still allow a Neanderthal like Suh to get away with possibly ending so players career with such a blatant disregard for the game and an opponent’s well being? Sickens me beyond belief.

Then we find out today from the NFL the Abominable Ndamuking will not be fined..and/suspended for the deplorable act you can witness below:

You.. Mr. Goodell are a complete, two-faced, Pittsburgh Steelers hater who obviously gets off on ruining the wonderful and exciting game of professional football. Because once again you have chosen to look the other way, even when it comes to your so-called “Player’s Safety” issue. 

But I see no player’s safety..not for the 6x Super Bowl Champions. Only for teams like the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, both of which have been documented and labeled cheaters by their peers, the rest of the world and also you Roger. Which makes a despicable human being and by far the worst Commissioner in professional sports today. You in fact “Suck”!

Sincerely yours,

Brian Christopher Jenkins #HereWeGo