Cincy And Their Fans Are Calling For #KneeGate


Fans cheer on as Steelers beat Bengals 24-16 in week 2

What? You have got to be kidding me. As if losing wasn’t bad enough, the Cincinnati Bengals and their joke of a fanbase are crying foul..”once again”..claiming that the fumble(caused by James Harrison) by Bengals receiver, Tyler Boyd was not in fact a fumble. Suggesting that his knee was down before the ball came out.

Was his knee down? Perhaps..but that is way beyond the point. That point being..”don’t put yourselves in a position where the so-called knee being down makes a difference”. Because the truth is it actually would not have made a difference whatsoever. Since it was no sure thing that Cincinnati would have scored on that drive anyway, being down by 8 with 1:56 left on the clock.


But this has become a normal reaction from one of Pittsburgh’s most hated rivals in the AFC North, who are quickly adopting the motto: “If You Can’t Beat Em..Cry Like A Little B***””. Something that the Bengals organization and its fans have been doing ever since they have become pretenders.. I mean contenders in the division.

Funny, I don’t see Steelers fans complaining about the mauling that Adam “Pacman” Jones put on receiver Antonio Brown in an apparent pass interference. Or the helmet to helmet blow he laid upon receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey on a 5 yard dump over the middle. Nope! You know why? Because we don’t put ourselves in the position to. Nor are we crybaby complainers.

Just like last season’s loss to Pittsburgh in the playoffs..(a game that the Bengals still blame everyone but themselves).. Cincinnati continues to prove that although they may be a talented bunch, they are not talented enough to claim supreme in our division. Because let’s face it.. you’re not.

So please Cincy, stop with all the waterworks..hire a coach who has the balls to correct his mistakes as well as his team’s..and win something for Christ’s sake. By the way, Steelers topped the Bengals 24-16 today.

KEY NOTE: Ben Roethlisberger 20-7 versus the Bengals. Make an excuse for that stat. #HereWeGo