Bryant..1 Year, Bell..4 Games, Nation/World..Not Happy

I am not happy with Le’Veon Bell. Not happy with him one bit. Nor am I very pleased with Martavis Bryant either. And this recent situation makes me wonder..”are they really worth all the hassle and drama”?
For those of you who do not know, Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro running back, Bell is facing a four-game suspension..yet again..for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Joining Bryant during his 1-year suspension. Not because he tested dirty, but because he decided to not take his league enforced test altogether.

Now, my question to well as Bryant is this: “What the ‘Bleep’ is wrong with you two? 

In addition to that question: “Don’t you know that you have been given the chance of a lifetime”? Obviously you both don’t. Because as you should very well know that you are paid heavily to “Run” on grass..not “Smoke” it.

My next thought is what do you do with these two? Do you continue to give them a second, third, or maybe even a fourth or fifth chance? Or do you quickly cut ties and send them on their way to be some other team’s problem..(ala Santonio Holmes)? A tough question to ask at this point.

Then I have to continue to wonder, what does Bell’s suspension do for the contract renewal of Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown? I mean, it is understood that it would be very difficult to keep them both under contract, with them commanding the figures of the best RB/WR Duo in the they truly are. But last I checked, Brown hasn’t been firing up doobies in the back of his whips.

“Uugh”..these two are some of the most gifted and talented althetes on the same team that I can ever remember seeing in my nearly 47 years. With a cast surrounding them that any player would kill for. Yet, they are dangerously close to throwing it all away to do what they do..knowing they shouldn’t be doing it.

Long story short..I am appalled, disappointed and embarrassed. For them, myself and all of Steelers Nation/World. As for what actions should take place due to this situation? I will leave that up to the Steelers organization. They haven’t did us wrong yet. #HereWeGo