NFL and Steelers Release Statement on Bryant Suspension


Both the National Football League and the Pittsburgh Steelers released statements concerning Steelers wide receiver, Martavis Bryant’s year long suspension. The NFL taking the normal standard approach..with Pittsburgh taking a more direct, last chance type of statement directed at their talented wide out. Having no problem with expressing their disappointment.


Martavis Bryantof the Pittsburgh Steelers has been suspended without pay for a minimum of one year for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse. Bryant’s suspension begins immediately.”


“We are very disappointed that Martavis Bryant has put himself in this current situation of being suspended by the League. He is at a crossroads of his professional life, and he needs to understand significant changes need to occur in his personal life if he wants to regain his career as a Pittsburgh Steeler. We are hopeful that Martavis will take the necessary steps to develop the discipline in his personal life to become a successful player and a good teammate.”



Photo courtesy of Jodi Cunningham via Facebook


“Above and beyond football, he needs to get healthy!  Depression is a serious disease, he needs a strong support staff around him at all times!  Do I think they need to cut him?  No, I believe the whole Steeler organization needs to rally around this young man and help him!  Right now it’s not about football!  It’s about a young mans life!  As someone that suffers from depression, I know what type of things he most be going through.”


Photo courtesy of Lisa Lamb via Facebook


“Sad state for MB.  I’m hearing and seeing there’s underlying issues with him that we cannot judge his actions for.  I don’t condone what he did,  as a professional athlete playing/working for the best organization ever. I ALSO said what a moron!!!  Now,  I recant my words and will hope that he gets the help necessary for him to return with a clearer mind set.  Smoking weed isn’t the worst thing anyone can do..”


Photo courtesy of Richard Leonard via Facebook


“Martavis couldn’t be in better hands than he is with the Rooney family,  the Steelers as we all know aren’t just a team, they are family, like all you who have joined our military!  Proud both to be a Steelers Fan and to have the services you all have provided! As for Martavis,  I wish him the best and a safe recovery!  Take care of yourself,  we’ll be here to cheer you on throughout the process!  Hope to see you back in a Steelers uniform soon, but praying for your health in the meantime!”


Photo courtesy of Matthew Hughes via Facebook


“As disappointed as I am with the recent news about Martavis and his issues, I am going to stand behind him, and hope he gets well. Personally, I want The Steelers and Martavis to get another Super Bowl Ring. Get well soon, Martavis. A die hard Steelers fan.”

Disappointed is not the actual word I would use to describe this situation concerning Bryant. I would definitely add the word “utterly” to that description..along with a slight pinch of pitty, because what Martavis Bryant has is an obviously serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Thinking back to defamed former NFL running back, Ontario Smith..Bryant seems to traveling down the same self destructive path early on in his career, but his release is definitely not the answer. I say that because too many Steelers fans are quick to squeeze the “get rid of him” trigger,l something that is not necessarily the wisest decision.

Why? Because Martavis Bryant is a pure, unadulterated talent that is not..cannot and will not be easily replaced should that moment approach. Still, I agree with Colbert’s statement..there needs to be “significant changes” in his life. Not just in order to have the opportunity to stay with the organization..or even stay in the league for that matter, but to make those significant changes for himself first. Let’s all hope that he can turn it around.

“Good Luck Martavis Bryant”!

Brian Christopher Jenkins