Crystal Mayhue-Evans Finds Strength in God and the Pittsburgh Steelers


Words cannot express the admiration that I feel for diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and loyal “IT’S A STEELERS WORLD” follower and group member, Crystal Mayhue-Evans. But it’s her strength and courage in the face of battling cancer and undying devotion to the Steelers that led me to writing this very special tell her story.

Diagnosed with breast cancer on September 4, 2015, Crystal has been nothing but an inspiration to all who have been stricken with this disease, and to those who have lost loved ones due to it as well.

It all happened so fast. I went to the doctor on Monday to have the small lump checked and by Friday found out that it was cancer and it was bigger than I thought.

Still, after hearing the unimaginable news Mayhue-Evans displayed the mettle most United States Marines..including myself would find as courageous.

When the doctor told me , I didn’t cry. I just wondered how I was going to handle cancer and multiple sclerosis and do it without my best friend who had passed away just months before at age 49.


Crystal with her best friend and Steelers fan, Alison who passed away.

Crystal then went on to explain her faith in a higher power, the type of faith that most do not grasp until there is a tragic reason behind it..but not her. Her faith runs deep, and I cannot help but think that this is the foundation of Crystal’s strength.

Being as faith driven as I am , I turned to God and asked Him to keep me close. I had been through so much traveling from Florida to Pa  when Alison (Crystal’s best friend) got sick and passed that I knew I had the strength to fight it.

But there was a slight glitch in the beginning of her battle..her desire to watch her favorite football team. And I was privileged to find out that IASW became this courageous woman’s “Steelers Salvation”.

I had stopped watching football because my ride and die football buddy wasn’t there. That’s when I turned to Its a STEELERS world. I kept up on the games that way and got hooked again.

I was humbled because Crystal and her best friend, Alison had been watching football together since they were 12 years old. One of them a Hines Ward fan..the other a fan of the Hall of Fame running back, Jerome “The Bus” Bettis. I will let you guess which one is which.

I even call my car baby Bettis.

There’s your answer.

When Crystal was diagnosed she says she turned to the group (IT’S A STEELERS WORLD) for prayers and courage.

I was truly amazed when I realized what a huge family I had in Its a Steelers World. THAT is what has gotten me through the last 6 months , the words of encouragement and prayers from so many members.


Crystal at her final chemotherapy February 16, 2016

February 16th was Crystal ‘s last chemo treatment..the day after her favorite Steelers player, Jerome Bettis’ birthday. What’s next? She will be discussing surgery with her doctor, as well as family and friends.

I have to admit I am nervous about that . When my incisions heal I will have to have at least 6 weeks of radiation. I decided right away that I was going to dedicate my fight to the Steelers and Alison . They were and still are the strongest people I have ever known .

A lifetime Steelers fan , Crystal remembers watching football when it was a smash mouth game and only the toughest survived. A style of play that has become a fading fast since the hiring of NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

I wanted to be a survivor too. I am halfway through my fight and am planning my remission shenanigans. I jumped from a plane last April for my 50th with my Bettis Jersey on because he was just inducted into the HOF.


I cannot even begin to thank the members of IASW for all they have done . I am honored to be part of the World !! Brian , you are a truly blessed person and I thank you for the opportunity to tell my story and maybe help someone who is battling an illness. My advice to others : stay strong and watch football !

No..thank you Crystal Mayhue-Evans. Thank you for basically bringing a flow of tears from my eyes..that are now wide open to your fight and you devotion to the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as “IT’S A STEELERS WORLD”! Truly a pleasure and an honor to know you..and to help share your story. #HereWeGo #FuckCancer

Brian Christopher Jenkins