Steelers KR/PR Jones Wasn’t Tanking Plays..He Just Sucks


Photo courtesy of Post-Gazette

I am getting a lot of “Conspiracy Theory” allegations tossed my way by my followers and group members suggesting Pittsburgh Steelers now 3rd stringer, train wreck of a KR/PR Jacoby Jones has been tanking returns purposely. Well, I am here to tell you that is not the case.

Honestly, what would be the purpose of purposely fumbling kickoffs and punts in order to sabotage the team that he is playing for?

What? Do you think the Baltimore Ravens put him up to it in order to have Jones get cut..then return to the Ratbirds to help them on their non-existent playoff run (ala LeGarrett Blount)? Nonsense, because the Ravens had already cut did the San Diego Chargers, so where is the logic in that?

Truth of the matter is..”Jacoby Jones Just Sucks”..he’s lost his step and has become basically worthless in the National Football League “period”.

Much like former defamed, short lived Steelers kicker Josh Scobee, who went from a good kicker to a garbage kicker in an instant..Jacoby Jones sank in his abilities due to the pressure of playing for a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s like getting dumped by the less attractive female only to end up engaged to Mila Kunis or Halle are going to feel self conscience about yourself..point blank.

So stop with the conspiracy theories and let’s just focus on the remainder of this exciting NFL/Steelers season. #HereWeGo