Is Shazier Worth The Bother of Injury Bug


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Look. And as in “look”..I mean listen to what I am saying to you at this point and time. Pittsburgh Steelers ILB, Ryan Shazier is a great player and a monster on the field..when he’s on the field.

He sort of has the “Lamarr Woodley” syndrome. When he’s playing..he’s playing out of this world. But the problem is neither of them stay healthy for full seasons. And that is what you want from your defensive as well as offensive leaders.

I asked Danielle Bostick of Behind The Steel Curtain what she thought.

I think he is a great player… he just can’t stay healthy. .Bostick said. I think the team is better w/ him…. but when he’s injured, can’t practice, and it is a musical chair of players at the position, it really sucks for the team.

And I could not agree more. The team “is” better with Shazier in the game. The problem is he doesn’t stay in the game(s) long enough. Give me four Shaziers with a James Harrison work ethic and you got a deal.

Jodi Cunningham, one of my “IT’S A STEELERS WORLD” group members and followers had this to say:

He needs to take tip from Harrison on how to help keep his mind and body healthy!  Learn from your “Elders”, James Harrison is a beast on the field at the age of 37…….just my one thought

On point. James Harrison is the true definition of “BEAST”..who does everything on and off of the field to stay on the field.

And what say you, Jacquie Twist?

I have been kick out of the group called steelers nation from creator on this topic anyway my thoughts are this Ryan can be a superstar in this league and I no he recently had a concussion but this young man has to learn how to stay on the field NFL stands for not for long I love the way this kid play but if I’m a owner or manager if you can’t help my team at some point I have to go with the next man that can again I want nothing but success for the young man I just hope injuries want be a plague on his young carrier

Shazier has the opportunity to be a well noted Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker of all times. But his inability of staying healthy and on the field dampens that.

Matthew Steel Curtain Geelen, another member and follower had this input:

He’s a difference maker when. On field but the field isn’t his friend! He has tornado potential but with injures he’s been a dry wind!

I look at former greats like Jack Lambert, Jack Hamm, Jason Gildon, Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, Joey Porter and many others. Shazier could be named in that company. But does he have the will abd testicular fortitude to be that?

A short period of time will tell, but I truly hope so. I have that faith in him.#HereWeGo

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