The Game Was For The Steelers To Win..Coaching Lost It


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Believe me, I understand. You can say that it was due to bad tackling by the defense and a few turnovers by the offense. But I am going to tell you the honest reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Seattle Seahawks..”Coaching”!

Please, I beg you to prove me wrong..and I will accept fault at being wrong. Only if you can explain why a “Fake Punt” in the second quarter led to head coach, Mike Tomlin and offensive coordinator, Todd Haley thought it was a good idea to run that play with Landry Jones.

The man has no arm..never has..never will. “Point Blank” ifs..ands or buts about it. So why would you run a fake punt, with an out flat pass Alejandro Villanueva. Only to have Jones do what he usually does..short arm passes. Seriously, when have you seen Jones overpass anyone?

Then you have the final play of the Steelers offense. Down 32-27, coach Mike Tomlin decided that it was a good idea to go for 3 with 3:03 left in the game? Honestly,can anyone tell me that was a wise decision? Because I can tell you why it wasn’t.

Did anyone see the disgust in Ben Roethlisberger’s face when coach Tomlin went for 3? I would have taken myself out of the game too if I were him.

The Steelers lose to the Seahawks 39-30 because of lack of testicular fortitude. Case closed. That doesn’t mean that the Steelers do not have a chance to make the playoffs..because they do. I will always believe in long as the coaches believe in them. #HereWeGo

Other than that, With Sherman shadowing Antonio Brown all over the field, and with Martavis Bryant having some issues with drops, it was Wheaton who stepped up with nine catches for 201 yards, including a 69-yard touchdown. According to CBS, Wheaton’s total represented the most for a receiver since CenturyLink Field opened in 2002.