Steelers Preparing Jones to Start Vs. Chiefs


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Of course, we all would love to see Ben Roethlisberger back on the field this Sunday. But if he and the coaches feel as though he is not ready, and Landry Jones is that “Next Man Up”? Then so be it..prepare him like there is no tomorrow.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin addressed the media on Tuesday this afternoon. And according to the tweets of Bob Labriola, the waiting for Tomlin to address Roethlisberger’s return to the field..would continue to be a waiting game.


Which if you look at it is the logical and wise thing to do. Because you can’t 100% expect Big Ben to be ready and not have a backup plan if he’s not. Ben is always ready regardless, so getting Landry ready to play is exactly what needs to be done.

As far as Mike Vick is concerned, if he is unable to backup Jones..should Jones get the start due to Roethlisberger not being 100 or even 90% healthy enough to play, one would believe that the Steelers would sign Tyler Murphy from the practice squad.

When asked about the Murphy possibility, Tomlin said they would evaluate all their options when the time was appropriate, but did mention Murphy has been staying in the QB meeting rooms as he continues to prepare as a wide receiver and quarterback on the practice squad.

But as for now, the job as starting quarterback versus the Chiefs is Landry Jones’ for now. Either way it goes, whomever the Field General may be this Sunday I am sure they will be prepared..and Steelers Nation/World will back no matter what. #HereWeGo