Garrett Har..Josh..Shhh..Kai For..Who..Chris Bos..Don’t Care! Should Be Jeff Reed


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It has never been like this. Never has a team been so surrounded by controversy over a kicker. Not saying kickers aren’t important to a team, because as we all know they are. But it has gotten to to the point to where I really no longer care about reporting it. Besides this report.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have once again ignored the obvious choice of resigning Jeff Reed to bring in an unproven kicker in Chris..ummm..Bosworth? Oh, Boswell. Thank God. Because if was Bosworth..any relation to Brian Bosworth, we would expect a player by the last name of Walker to take him out immediately following undeserved hype. Point being, I know nothing about this kicker, other than he is unproven. Fansided can’t even get his statistics straight.

Boswell, was undrafted out of Rice last season and spent time with the Houston Texans and New York Giants but has never played in a regular-season game.

Never played in a regular season game? And this is the kicker the Steelers have chose to be the kicker in the toughest division in the NFL? Really? Making absolutely so sense to me whatsoever.

Maybe coach Tomlin is in over his head. Maybe he knows deep down inside he is not able to stand with the likes of a Noll or a Cowhwer, which is understandable. But you don’t just pull ridiculous trades and signings to ruin a storied franchise. If yo want out..then leave. But don’t drag the organization and us fans down with you just because you don’t have the coaching fortitude.

What upsets me the most is I was pulling for Tomlin too. But now it seems like he just doesn’t want to win. Because if he did, it should have been Le’Veon Bell on those two 4th down situations.

Long story short, done with this whole kicker fiasco. I’ll leave that to the Top Dogs who get paid the big money to report it. I’d rather cover the Kadashians personally. What does that tell you?