Ravens @ Steelers Week 4 Preview and Prediction


Photo courtesy of Post Gazzette

What better way is there to resume AFC North domination while giving a “full fledged” middle finger to all anti-Vick supporters? Send the Baltimore Ravens packing as the first team in the NFL to reach the coveted 0-4 status. Which is exactly what the Pittsburgh Steelers and week 4 starting quarterback, Mike Vick will accomplish this evening at Heinz Field, packing the Ravens’ Louis V. and Gucci suitcases with a goose egg and four complimentary towels. And I’m not talking the towels of a “Terrible” nature, just plain old sobbing dish rags.

Vick, who has been ridiculed, rejected and even threatened by animal actvists and “so-called” Steelers fans since his signing in August, will not be entering the game alone. He will be surrounded by arguably the NFL’s best running back and receiver in Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown. As well as a cast of offensive linemen who even without Maurkice Pouncey are ranked 9th in the NFL, giving up just four sacks in the three previous weeks.

Keep in mind..although it is very Ben Roethlisberger difficult for opposing offenders to take down the 6’5″ beast of a quarterback, Vick is still very mobile and talented in the escape artist category. Although not the same Michael Vick of past, but the same agile yet different Mike Vick the Steelers thought highly enough of to sign to the team. Which right off the bat gains my support 110%, because the Steelers organization has not failed me yet.

Regardless of the injury to Roethlisberger and circumstances of this game, Heinz Field is always a tough place to play. Steelers fans are ruthless and this division rivalry almost never disappoints, and definitely will not disappoint tonight.

The problem for the Ravens has been their defense, in particular the secondary, which just can’t seem to provide adequate coverage on receivers. In the past two weeks, they have given up a total of 734 yards and six touchdowns through the air. It becomes really hard to win games when you can’t stop the opposing offense, regardless of how efficient your own offense may be.

As for the Steelers defense, they are ranked 5th in sacks so far this year and most of that pressure has come from the Steelers front seven.  The Steelers defense knows that it is going to be paramount for them to step it up this week if they want to walk away with a win.  Look for Coach Butler to crank up the pressure on Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco.

The Steelers have handled their business in the past two weeks, rebounding from a Week 1 loss to the New England Patriots. Antonio Brown will continue to prove why he is in many people’s opinion the top receiver in the NFL, and the return of Le’Veon Bell along with DeAngelo Williams will definitely give the Ravens defense problems throughout the evening. As for Vick? He doesn’t have to be “Great” just “Good”.and will the scaled down lists of plays playing to his ability he will be just good enough.

Steelers 21
Ravens 17