Steelers Rise Into Week 3 Power Rankings


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As Pittsburgh Steelers fans we tend to get a bit used to the media’s constant underrating and underestimating of the Six-Time Super Bowl Champions. They’d rather place their faith and personal side bets on documented cheaters like the New England Patriots.

Well, here is where the Big Wigs in the sports media have the Steelers placed in their Weekly Power Rankings. Some are so off in comparison you would think none of them have a clue. Tell me which one (ones) you agree with. #8 (up five spots)

Whoa … gooooooooodnight. The Steelers put on a show versus the 49ers on Sunday. If Antonio Brown hasn’t convinced you he’s the best wideout in the game yet, he never will…”

ESPN: #4 (up nine spots)

“Can anyone slow the Ben Roethlisberger-Antonio Brown combo? Roethlisberger when he targets Brown this season: 18-of-22 (81.8 percent), 328 yards, 2 touchdowns.”

USA Today: #6 (up eight spots)

“Can’t complain about salvaging a split while all-pro RB Le’Veon Bell served his suspension.”

Yahoo Sports: #8 (up two spots)

“And to think, the Steelers offense adds the NFL’s best running back this week. They’re going to outscore a lot of teams.”

Bleacher Report: #7 (up six spots)

“Are you a person who really likes efficiency? Have you mastered ways to save time during your morning routine each day, like eating in the shower? (Don’t do that.) Then you should become aPittsburgh Steelers fan immediately.”

Fox Sports: #11 (up nine spots)

The offense is operating at an elite level and Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant aren’t even in the lineup…”

Personally, I think I would have to agree with ESPN’s assumption..for now. Since they are the ones that gave the Steelers their well deserved credit. And for recognizing that Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown are pretty much unstoppable.


The fact that the Steelers slap running back, LeVeon Back into the mix versus the St. Louis Rams this Sunday will definitely launch the team even higher on their lists. Being since like Big Ben and Brown..Bell is virtually unstoppable as well. Who’s next to return? You guessed it, second year wide receiver Martavis Bryant.

Once his suspension is over, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the high powered force that every team on their remaining schedule will be dreading to face. Along with the improving play of the defense this past Sunday versus the San Francisco Forty-Niners, look for the Steelers to gain ground on the favoritism laid upon the Patriots.

In short, ESPN hit it spot on. I believe the Steelers are at the #4 spot for now. Because I can only think of three teams performing better than them as far as records go. But that will be changing shortly. As for the others..”Get A Clue”!