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Leave it to a Baltimore Ravens player to complain about something that basically made him a household name.

TMZ reports that Quinton Aaron, the actor who played NFL star Michael Oher in, ‘The Blind Side’ says he understands why Oher would have beef with the movie, but says at the end of the day Michael should just “GET OVER IT”!

Oher recently bitched about the movie to ESPN saying it hurt his NFL career because it set unrealistic expectations,”People look at me, and they take things away from me because of a movie. They don’t really see the skills and the kind of player I am.”

Umm, last I checked a movie cannot control the way you play the game of football, Oher..unless you let it. That’s a sign of a weak mind.

Now Aaron has responded saying he understands where Oher is coming from, but says the positives that came out of that movie far outweigh the negatives. 

I have to agree with that. In addition, movies based on true stories usually are not produced without the word given from those parties what are you mad about. Not to mention, I’m sure you received a healthy cut of the profits as well.

“You gotta at some point notice the amount of people’s lives this movie has touched in a positive, encouraging and inspiring manner”, Aaron said.

“At the end of the day bro you are a millionaire, you’re famous, you are a Super Bowl Champ, you have an amazing family that loves you, friends, fans and teammates.”

Aaron continued, “Who gives a damn about what people say or think who wanna criticize your game bro, that shouldn’t matter. Somebody is always gonna have something to say that you’re not gonna like.”

Oher, felt it was necessary to blame the movie for his poor production on the field. Which to me is utter garbage, because the movie was made and debut in 2009. So what’s the purpose of pawning your gameplay off on it 6 years later? *SMH*

Aaron concluded with “So what, you had a couple bad seasons, I believe you’ve got a lot more fuel in the tank so let’s start hashing out some good ones and forget what people think about you. I got your back brotha God Bless!”

You’re a much bigger man than me, Quinton..both literally and figuratively. Because all you did was play the role in a movie that I actually enjoyed. Taking the backlash from something you had no control over. Kudos.

To Michael Oher, ‘Grow Up’! And quit complaining about being rich and famous.

Brian Christopher Jenkins