Patriots Deflategate Football Up For Auction


Photo courtesy of NFLonESPN via Laura Nichols

I guess if you can’t shred the sell it.

A more than likely deflated football from the New England Patriots v. Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship Game is hitting the auction block Thursday.

@NFLonESPN reports that Patriots fan Laura Nichols, right, and her husband, Matt, pose with the ball given to them by Brandon LaFell during the AFC Championship Game. Courtesy Laura Nichols

The ball, handed to fan Laura Nichols in the third quarter by Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell, has been consigned to online auction house for the company’s summer auction that will close July 17.

This basically tells me that even New England fans know that there is something “shady” about Tom Brady. Because every Steelers item given to me by a Steelers player over the years I still have in my custody. I use the word “custody” as a pun towards the documented deflation CRIME committed by the Patriots quarterback.

Nichols and her husband Matt said they were sitting in the first row of the end zone at Gillette Stadium for the game played on Jan. 18.

Toward the end of the third quarter, Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount ran it into the end zone from 13 yards out to put the team up 37-7 on the Indianapolis Colts.

“LaFell picked up the ball, I pointed at him, he pointed at me and he handed me the ball,” Nichols said. “It was all so surreal.”

Apparently the couple thought the ball was a backup ball, but the investigation report by Ted Wells confirmed that the 12 balls used in the first half were re-inflated with air for the second half.

“Once we found that out, we knew we had a Deflategate ball,” Matt Nichols said.

To my understanding the Patriots fans said they had mixed feelings about putting the ball up for auction, and to that I call “Bull”, because I’m sure the lowest bid of $25,000 made them forget all about keeping the deflated item on their mantle.

Long story short, I am just waiting for the day when Belichick, Brady and the entire Patriots organization just goes away. Because they have basically tainted the sport of professional football long enough.

Brian Christopher Jenkins