BELL OR BRADY: Who is More Likely to See Week 1 Action


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First thing’s first..the NFL needs a new Commissioner.

Seriously. What is going on with this entire Bell/Brady suspension situation? It’s almost like the NFL and commissioner, Roger Goodell is just playing games with us as fans. Because whether these two have their suspensions overturned or not affects all of us.

The Steelers Le’Veon Bell was suspended three games by the NFL for a DUI charge and possession of marijuana back in 2014.The Patriots Tom Brady was suspended four games in wake of the Deflategate scandal.

Brady’s appeal hearing has been set for June 23rd. Bell’s hearing has yet to be scheduled – an odd turn in this situation, and no one seems to know why there is a delay.

I can tell you why there is a delay. Because Goodell is trying to figure out a way to keep Bell’s suspension upheld while overturning Brady’s suspension under the cover of Bell’s appeal date. It’s almost as if the Commish believes all of us to be ignorant to the fact.

Depending on how the appeals process goes for either player, neither one should see the field for at least Week 1. However, there’s a strong chance that one of them will actually step on the field at Gillette Stadium on September 10th. And as much as I hate to admit it, I believe it will be Brady.


I mean, what better way for Goodell to show love for Patriots owner, Robert Kraft’s Golden Boy than returning Brady to the field without suspension. Believe me, I would love for Roger to prove me wrong. But given his past with the team, I honestly see no other outcome.

It’s been reported that a third party has rolled out it’s own investigation of the The Wells Report – the report that ruled probable cause of the Patriots, mainly Tom Brady, being responsible for the deflating of footballs during the AFC Championship.

That alone, without the apparent love affair between Goodell and Kraft, tells me that they are doing any and everything possible to falsely restore Tom Brady and the Patriots credibility. Credibility that has been tainted since the Spygate episode.

Which leads me to say this..if Tom Brady’s suspension gets overturned before Le’Veon Bell’s appeal date is even set I will be highly disgusted in Roger Goodell. If both remain suspended for week 1, I would consider that the more understandable decision. Either way, Goodell is by far the worst commissioner in professional sports.

Brian Christopher Jenkins