Patriots Super Bowl Rings Are In


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Come on now. You didn’t really think that I was going to let them get away with it..did you?

There was no way that I was going to allow the NFL on ESPN to plaster pictures of the New England Patriots newest addition to their “Super Bowl Collection” without putting my two cents in. And my two cents are as follows:

The New England Patriots Are Documented Cheaters“. No less. End of that story.

But of course you will have Patriots fans tell you otherwise. Living in a delusional state that only delusional fans are allowed in. And I’m cool with that, because it gives me something funny to write about.

As far as I’m concerned they can pretend that ‘Spygate’ and ‘Deflategate’ never happened, but I have a question for those Patriots fans.

If neither of those events never occurred, why is it that your team was fined, lost draft picks and/or had a player (Tom Brady) and/or equipment manager (The Deflator) fired and/or suspended“?

Oh that’s right, the NFL is out to get you. Laughable and comical that you say that when Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft are, shall I say..close?

Anyway, get back to me whenever you Google an answer to the question I asked. Until then, you got your four asterisks covered Rings in 14 years. The STEELERS got their four in 6 years..and add two more for good measure.

” IT’S A STEELERS WORLD “! And don’t you ever forget it.

Brian Christopher Jenkins