Houshmanzadeh Back With Bengals As…..


Photo courtesy of blogspot.com

I guess the saying is correct. “When all else fails, go for what you know”. Unfortunately all that TJ and the Bengals know is how to disrespect the Terrible Towel and lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs that same year.

The team announced this week that former star wideout TJ Houshmandzadeh, the Yin to then-Chad Johnson’s Yang, will join the coaching staff for two weeks as part of a Bill Walsh minority coaching program.

“As always, we are happy to have these guys with us in the Bill Walsh program,” head coach Marvin Lewis said, via Cincinnati.com. “This program helped me get ahead as a coach, and it’s great to see it continue as strong as it is. It’s a good experience for our full-time coaches as well as the interns.”

Personally, all this internship is going to do is stir up old emotions in STEELERS fans by reminding us of Houshmanzadeh’s Terrible Towel infidelities.

Houshmandzadeh sits just ahead of Cris Collinsworth for third all-time in franchise history with 507 receptions. He’s seventh in total yards with 5,782 and fifth in receiving touchdowns (37).

As if TJ isn’t enough, why not add someone else that STEELERS fans can’t stand to stir things up? Collinsworth, but I’ll write about that topic at a later date.

Anyway, good luck with that Cincinnati. If the Cleveland Browns can put their faith in Johnny Manziel, you sure as hell plop yours in the lap of TJ Houshmanzadeh.

Brian Christopher Jenkins