Steelers on Route to Super Bowl Number 7


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DISCLAIMER: “What you are about to read is solely based on the opinion of the writer, and does not contain any statistics or documented facts. For entertainment value for those Steelers fans who agree..basically because I can”.

I don’t know why..but I just feel it.

I can feel it every time I read an article from other Steelers bloggers/writers like Behind The Steel Curtain, Steelers Depot and Steelers Wire. And from even more noted writer, Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette.

I can feel it every time I watch a video of the Steelers during OTA’s..or out having fun with each other outside the Steelers organization. Like at the NBA finals..Dave & Busters or through many player’s charitable events. Just having “FUN”.. which I’ve learned in sports and the military as well as in life is very important.

I can feel it through tweets and Facebook posts from fans like myself, and I just can’t put a finger on it..but it’s there. It’s there in a way that I just can’t explain, yet at the same time I know it to be true.

But more importantly I see it from the Pittsburgh Steelers organization in a whole. From the brass in the front office..throughout the the coaching staff..on down to the players. Not saying I know them and see this personally, just saying this as a fan with a hunch.

You those old school detectives? “I can feel it in my gut, Captain”. Yes, that type of hunch.

The way that newly acquired defensive coordinator, Keith Butler is taking charge in his interviews and on the OTA field. As if he is thinking nothing about taking over for one of the greatest DC’s to ever coach and play the game, Dick LeBeau. But just worrying about what he has to accomplish for the team. Nothing less..always more.

How 3rd year offensive coordinator, Todd Haley has clearly ignored any doubt us as fans may have had upon his arrival, and placed his focus solely on making this already explosive offense even better. Something he has accomplished quicker and solidly than any other coordinator in the league.

Not to mention head coach, Mike Tomlin. Who’s cool, calm and collected approach to the game has once again forged a close knit family. A family..a team who in my eyes is coming together for one common goal, ‘Super Bowl #7’!

So when I say I feel it, that is what I mean..and I am sure you all it too. The best thing about having my own forum to express these one can tell me that I cannot. #RoadToSeven

Brian Christopher Jenkins