HARRISON: I Think I Can Play More Than 25 Snaps When I’m 50


Photograph courtesy of steelers.com

I think I can play more than 25 snaps a game when I’m 50″, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison said when asked about his expected snap counts this season. Something that I wouldn’t doubt in a million years, I mean ‘Debo’ stays ready.

However, that is not what linebackers coach Joey Porter has in mind. In fact both Porter and newly acquired defensive coordinator, Keith Butler plan on limiting Harrison’s snap count to somewhere around 25 a game, more than likely to keep him fresh. Of course that is not how Harrison trains.

But think about it. What could be better than to have a fresh, well rested Harrison coming off of the bench (not for opposing quarterbacks of course) to wreak havoc after the young linebackers he is mentoring just did the same? It’s almost like the alpha silverback is stepping in to protect his young..and I like that idea.

Harrison did take snaps with the first team on Tuesday along with rookie Bud Dupree. And according to sources, there is absolutely no certainty that Jarvis Jones will be ready to hold the starting role. Riddled with injuries since his rookie season, Jones has not been all what we all assumed he was cracked up to be.

If Jones is unable to stay healthy, the 37 year old Harrison will more than gladly step in as the replacement cog. Which I personally have no problem with. Because a healthy mid 30 Harrison is better than most 20 something linebackers in the league.

No for a defense that’s trying to get younger, here’s the question..If Harrison becomes the starter, will the Steelers be able to keep his snap counts to the recently allotted 25?

Not sure what their answer is to that. But in my opinion, James Harrison is a ‘Beast’! Trains like a beast..plays like a beast. Still you have to be concerned about wearing him out. Not sure if that’s possible.

So I would let his intensity on the field and game play dictate how long he stays in the game. Either way it goes, whether 25 snaps or 35+..he will definitely bring it.

Brian Christopher Jenkins