NFL.COM: Killer Bees Are Best Trio In The League


Photo courtesy of duh. is actually telling us something that we agree with and have known since last season. But hey..better late to the party than not showing up at all, right?

Enter..”The Killer Bees”..

1) Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell & Antonio Brown

Previous rank: No. 1

“Over the last two seasons, Brown has been, at worst, the second-best WR in the NFL (239 receptions!). In 2014, Bell was, at worst, the second-best RB, while Roethlisberger had, at worst, the third-best season among QBs. Add ’em all up, and it’s tough to argue anything other than this trio* being, at worst, the best”.

What? This coming from a league that seems to ride more ‘Patriot P****’ (I’ll let you fill in the blanks) than any other team? The hell you say. But it’s about time that they got something correct.

Granted, the Steelers did not bode to well with Le’Veon Bell missing from the lineup in January’s wildcard game versus the Baltimore Ravens, but that is why it is called a trio..or ‘triplets’ as so eloquently put it. Because these three..trio..triplets..are in fact unstoppable.

With Big Ben entering his glory years, still surpassing younger quarterbacks..Brown doing what he has convincingly done since stepping into the #1 receiver slot after being drafted as the 195th pick of the 2010 NFL draft..and Bell, who is basically just learning to walk in this league, one can only fathom what is to come. Super Bowl victory #7 perhaps? Yep!

Anyway, as Jeff Hartman from ‘Behind The Steel Curtain’ stated..

“For those history buffs, also ranked the top triplets of the Super Bowl era, and Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris and Lynn Swann ranked third among the 16 triplets ranked all-time. The only two triplets which ranked higher were Joe Montanta, Jerry Rice and Roger Craig who were second, and the top triplets who were Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith.”

So I honestly ask you this. Which trio is better? I dare you to come up with a viable response to that question.

Brian Christopher Jenkins