Warren Sapp, Starring in..’Hookers & Hard Knocks’


Photo courtesy of TMZ Sports and Mug Shots

If there is one Steelers hating NFL analyst that I have the absolute pleasure in delivering such news about, it has to be..by far..none other than “Fatback” Warren Sapp himself.

TMZ Sports reports the Warren Sapp graduated from the school of hooker hard knocks as part of his amazing plea deal in his Phoenix prostitution bust.

Sapp got the solicitation charge dropped from the Super Bowl weekend arrest by completing a one day course, and according to his attorney … the Hall of Famer’s class featured some intense guest speakers. Craig Mehrens says Sapp heard from Phoenix PD Vice Squad officers as well as ex-prostitutes.

Both shared their experiences working the streets — so you might say Sapp got it from both sides … again.

His next step is getting the assault charge dropped, and Mehrens says Warren will be completing 15 anger management courses over the next few weeks to achieve that. We’re told he can attend those classes closer to home in Florida.

By the way, no plea deals for the hookers who got busted with Sapp. They’re planning to take their cases to trial in July. 

You got to love how another seemingly down to earth, good natured former NFL player gets caught with hands knee deep in the proverbial prostitution cookie jar. The fact that I can’t stand this one makes me just giggle with glee. “Congratulations Sapp”! And thank you for tarnishing your already stained reputation.



Photo courtesy of TMZ Sports

Brian Christopher Jenkins