One of Two Reasons Goodell Appointed Himself..


Photo courtesy of elite daily

As some of you may have seen through my Twitter rant yesterday, I was not very happy to find out about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appointing himself to oversee the appeals process of suspended New England Patriot quarterback, Tom Brady. And for obvious reasons of course.



It has been pretty well shown throughout the league as well as publicly documented the commissioner Goodell has a “very close” personal relationship with the Patriots and its owner, Robert Kraft. Which honestly leads me to wonder, do the Patriots and/or Mr. Kraft have ‘The Goods’ on Goodell or what?

I mean seriously. If you Google Roger Goodell, you are most certainly going to find a number of images with him and some Patriots associate, from Brady, coach Belichick to Kraft. And that my friends concerns me beyond belief.

However I see only one of two reason why the NFL commissioner..the man who handed down the well deserved suspension of a known cheater would appoint himself to oversee the appeals process. And they are as such:

1) Goodell is very aware of his public ‘love affair’ with the New England      Patriots. So in order to save face..appointed himself to uphold the suspension, rather than allow an outside presence overturn it.

2) It was all part of his plan to put his foot on the neck of the known NFL cheaters, only to claim some wrongdoing in the investigation and overturning the suspension himself. Therefore saving face in his beloved Patriots fans eyes.

Whichever reason behind this unheard of feat by the commissioner, he is definitely walking on fragile eggshells with this one. Because having three Hall of Fame quarterbacks (Elway, Aikman and Bradshaw) coming out in praise of his decision to suspend Brady for four games, it sure would be a shame to taint that.

Now, I want to hear from you. What do you think the reasoning behind this situation is?

Brian Christopher Jenkins