POETIC JUSTICE: Sad Slide for Brady


Photo courtesy of thebostonian

Just as I suspected, New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games of 2015-2016 NFL season.

What I did not expect, the Patriots were fined $1 million and forfeit 2016 1st Round draft pick and 2017 4th Round pick. Which leads me to believe that there is such a thing as “Poetic Justice”

Something definitely had to be done, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had to make a much needed statement against Brady and the New England Patriots. A team he has shown an enormous amount of favoritism for over the past nearly decade.

Funny how the NFL media and a certain quarterback thought the Deflategate situation was much ado about nothing, when in fact it truly was. Maybe now everyone will recognize the Patriots for what they truly are. “Cheaters”!

Brian Christopher Jenkins