BALLS WILL BE BALLS: Unless They Are Patriots Balls


Photo courtesy of It's A Steelers World

I have never been one to bite my tongue. So unlike most NFL writers and media experts I will not bite it now when I state that “The Patriots are Cheaters”. No less.

Never have I been so unsure of one team in the National Football team than the New England Patriots. Mainly because for some strange reason they keep finding themselves in the midst of a cheating scandal.

Sure, we can all say that this past “Deflategate” gate debacle had nothing to do with beating the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX(that of course had to do with an idiotic play calk by Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll), but it did have an awful lot to do with the Patriots being in the Super Bowl in the first place.

To make the matter even worse, to go along with Pats quarterback, Tom Brady’s nonchalant attitude towards the situation.. Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick had to add his unwanted 2¢ on Twitter the other day.


Call me crazy, but if the Patriots had beat the 49’ERS in a game with deflated balls Kaepernick would still be complaining about it to this day. Perhaps a bet was place on Colin’s part?

Not to mention the media with their..”I don’t care or want to talk about it”..take whenever asked about Deflategate. Which just makes the entire incident more viable and important to me. Because like “Spygate” it shows a hint of coverup.

Why deny addressing this latest episode of the Patriots list of infidelities? When other scandalous issues form involving other teams, the media are willing to talk about it until they are blue in the face. And I hold NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s chummy relationship with Pats owner, Robert Kraft to blame.

Let’s not forget head coach Bill Belichick’s response to the allegation of deflated footballs. I believe the words were to the affect of..”you have to ask Tom about that”. Throwing his Golden Boy QB under the bus quicker than roadkill. So much for “honor amongst men”.

What I am plainly stating is cheating is cheating, no matter how you sugar coated. I just pray for the day that someone with the testicular fortitude will be able to address the New England Patriots in the way they should be. Without the fear of backlash for being honest.

Brian Christopher Jenkins