Steelers Good For Drafting Later Round Talent..And Beyond


Photo courtesy of It's A Steelers World

Let’s face it. Everyone and their grandmothers focus their attention to the first and second rounds of the NFL Draft. But as the Pittsburgh Steelers have shown throughout the years, talent can come within the later rounds..and beyond.

Why? Because the Steelers are very talented on drafting talent. Players that may not have the flash coming out of a big college, but the spark that is very much needed within the organization. This is probably why the Steelers have the most Hall of Famers drafted by one team with sixteen.

What I mean by “talented on drafting talent” is very simple. Look at last year’s fourth round draft pick, Martavis Bryant. A wide receiver who has earned the right to play opposite of the best receiver in the National Football League, Antonio Brown..and it doesn’t stop there.

Let’s travel back in time as little bit and put, James Harrison in the spotlight as usual. The Steelers/Bengals/Steelers linebacker that went undrafted and became not only the defensive player of the year..the only player to win the award as an undrafted free agent.

Not only that, but I am sure you remember the 100 yard interception return for a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

No good enough? Well then let’s go back a little further and mention one, “Fast” Willie Parker. You remember him right? Another undrafted free agent, and running back behind the tutelage of Jerome “The Bus” Bettis (a running back that no other team wanted after leaving the Rams)..gave the advice to to make this 75 yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XL versus the Seattle Seahawks.

And believe me, I could go on longer. The point I am putting across Steelers World, is do not put so much stock in the early round draft picks. Because as talented as they may be, talent continues “Beyond”.

Brian Christopher Jenkins