ANTWAN EDDIE: If You Don’t Know..You’re About To Know


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Antwan Eddie. The 5’10”..190lb..cornerback/free safety/kick returner from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh  may not be a name most of you are familiar with. So to those who haven’t heard of this colligate player believe me when I say you soon will.

To be straight forward I hadn’t really heard of Eddie until recently and once I did I couldn’t help but be intrigued, because his style of play and off-the-field mentality instantly had me hooked.

What I mean by “style of play”..and..”off-field mentality” that, Eddie has the playmaking skills far beyond those drafted in years past, and the mentality of someone who knows that it is not going to be an easy path to travel. Something that a number of draft hopefuls tend to lack.

I noticed this after a recent “Q &A” I had with Antwan Eddie via twitter, and like his highlight video I became more impressed with each question he answered. So I figured since this talented draft hopeful has his eyes set on playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I would have you..”Steelers Nation” the judge of my assessment.

Q & A: Below are the questions asked by myself. Answered by Antwan Eddie, 2015 NFL Draft hopeful. Along with my analysis following each response.

Q: What are your strengths/work ethics?

A: Strengths: Playmaking ability, Agility, speed, big heart, love for competition, knowledge for football and learn quickly.

ANALYSIS: Now this was a pretty standard question asked by myself, and Eddie responded as expected. And let’s face it, it’s an answer many involved in professional sports have heard a million times.

Q: What round do you believe you will be drafted in/should be drafted in? Should you be drafted?

A: Being draft is a blessing in itself, but just the opportunity to showcase what I can bring to a team to allow the organization to become better is my main focus. I feel I have what it takes to go anywhere in the draft from round 5-7, or free agency, but I will work as though I was drafted in the first.

ANALYSIS: I saw his reply to this question coming off as a little bit generic, something that once again..we have all heard before. But then I read on and noticed that his maturity was now showing, because most hopefuls have a sense self-righteousness, as if they truly deserve to be drafted. Eddie however showed a humble, more grateful attitude of just having the opportunity of being recognized.

Q: What can you bring to the NFL table?

A: I can bring play making ability, leaderships, competition within the team to make my teammates and myself better.

ANALYSIS: Everyone believes that they can make their teammates better, but very few can admit that they could get better themselves. Now my intrigue is really peaked.

Q: Your mindset.. are you ready for the big stage?

A: I am ready for the big stage. It has always been my focus, and what I have been working for and now the time is almost here. I have mentally prepared myself for the change and am ready and willing to work to be the best.

ANALYSIS: Take it from a man who has seen his share of public stages, and although we all believe that we are ready there is no true knowledge of this unless given a shot. Antwan Eddie is beginning to prove to me that he honestly is ready.

Q: I see you as an Antwaan Randle El type. Would you agree with that?

A: Yes, Antwan Randle El is a great comparison due to my role as a dual threat and my ability to make plays with my speed and agility.

ANALYSIS: Randle El, who was drafted in the second round (62nd overall) of the 2002 NFL Draft was a multi-talented player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And Antwaan, “Antwan” (with two As) has the same type of play making abilities. Something you will be able to see in his highlight video posted further down the page.

And my final question was the icing on the cake..

Q: Why the Steelers organization? And as a defensive player do you realize the pride taken in their defense?

A: Playing college football in Pittsburgh I have grown to see the true fanbase of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The connection the players have with each other and the opportunity to be apart of an overall great organization, and the desire to add a seventh ring to the organization. I’ll love to keep my talents in Pittsburgh and be apart of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

ANALYSIS: What else can I say about that? Because being a college player who is familiar and connected with the city of Pittsburgh is a huge plus when it comes to the Steelers close knit family. Something others who have never been a part of it may not ever understand.

I remember the same words coming from the mouth of Ben Roethlisberger back in 2004. Like Roethlisberger, Eddie hales from an unsung, somewhat unknown unrecognized divisonal college to most. We all know how that turned out for the Steelers during “Big” Ben’s rookie year, which led to a Super Bowl Title in only his sophomore campaign. So why shouldn’t one At wan Eddie be given the same opportunity?

If you all recall Steelers linebacker, James Harrison was an undrafted free agent in 2002. “Super Bowl Hero”! Willie Parker, undrafted free agent in 2004. Short lived but..”Super Bowl Hero”! So why shouldn’t Antwan Eddie be a part of that Steelers commitment to produce an other “Super Bowl Hero”?

I am not saying he should be placed up in the echelon of the higher ranked defensive backs entering the draft, but I am saying that any true athlete with the God given ability should be awarded a chance to prove their worth. So I am lobbying to keep Team in Pittsburgh (#KeepTwanInPittburgh) which should and will be a trending topic on all social media outlets, and a phrase Steelers Nation should be chanting in repeatedly in unison. And I am truly proud to be a part of this players NFL campaign, from beginning to the end.


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