WILLIAMS: His Importance To The Steelers Offense And To Bell


Photo courtesy of steelers.com

Last season, the Steelers literally had their backup running back LeGarrette Blount walk off the field on them, and struggled to give LeVeon Bell any help afterwards.

Enter DeAngelo Williams.

Over the course of his career, Williams has shown that he can be an above average running back in the NFL. Now at 30+ years of age, Williams is on the downside of his career. But in a player like him, his downside can add a much needed veteran presence in the backfield.

Like former Pittsburgh Steelers running back “Fast” Willie Parker, it took the veteran guidance of one Jerome “The Bus” Bettis to help Parker achieve greatness. Although that greatness was extremely short lived, it was the advice and presence of Bettis that helped push Parker to having his best year with the Steelers. Which ended with a 75 yard touchdown run in Super Bowl 40 against the Seattle Seahawks, and gave the organization the then elusive fifth Lombardi Trophy.

“DeAngelo has a great attitude and can provide some leadership,” Steelers safety Mike Mitchell said. “His personality is great. His main thing is he is a leader and passionate. I think he still wants to show people he has some gas left in the tank and I believe he does.

Although Bell has shown greatness without the presence of true, 100% dedicated veteran back he has the ability to show plenty more with Williams to share the load. I believe that he will play the perfect role as Bettis to help LeVeon ring the end zone Bell even more often, on his way to the NFL’s leading rusher in 2015.

The fact that Bell will be undoubtedly suspended for an undetermined amount of games at the beginning of the season due to his mishap with Blount last season, means that Williams will be stepping in to take the starting role of #1 back.

Since Dri Archer is definitely not ready to take on such a responsibility, I can think of no better player to take up that slack than DeAngelo Williams. A strong, downhill runner who knows what it is like to play second fiddle, and will not walk off the field like Blount, in some prima Donna filled hissy fit.

So I say..”Stand Strong Steelers World”..and give your new Pittsburgh Steelers running back, DeAngelo Williams a big round of applause. Because the Steelers jumping early to sign him, along with the “Killer B Krew”(Ben, Brown & Bell)..gives them the best opportunity to obtain their 7th Super Bowl Title.


Brian Christopher Jenkins